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Gloxy GX-F990 TTL HSS Flash for Nikon (20 free gels)

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Product Description

Gloxy GX-F990 TTL HSS Flash for Nikon

The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash metal hot shoe works together with Nikon DSLRs cameras, and it may be used in slave mode along with virtually any camera on the market up to and including a distance of up to 30 metres away.

Its major function is the introduction of 1/8000 per second high-speed sync (known as HSS) this will make it superb for high-speed motion photography and is mainly utilized if you want to engage a shutter speed that is quicker compared to your camera’s built in flash sync speed, or when you might use a wider aperture setting which will require a higher shutter speed as it is often necessary with sunlight daytime shooting.

The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash furthermore features a power-saving setting, when the flash is non-active for twenty seconds, the backlight will turn off by itself after twenty seconds, after sixty seconds it falls asleep and after thirty minutes it is going to automatically switch off.

The high-speed sync will provide you with a great deal more inventive control over your shots, particularly in aperture-priority mode. As soon as you get a handle on this system you will have the capability to take shots that will grab people’s attention as well as have them wondering just how it was taken. High-speed sync dominates over the limitations of the camera’s integrated flash sync.

Product features:

  • The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash contains wireless sensor activation.
  • Exposure compensation, facilitates TTL functions, exposure bracketing, exposure lock, etc.
  • Metal hotshoe works with Nikon DSLR cameras.
  • Outside wall socket for connecting an external power supply.
  • Facilitates continuous high speed shooting.
  • High-Speed Sync (HSS) to 1/8000.
  • Helps to  save electricity thanks to the automatic flash shutdown system.
  • Increased prevention of overheating utilizes automated temperature sensing.
  • The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash incorporates a support, a diffuser, an instruction manual and a useful high quality carry case.

TTL provides a simple approach to employing dedicated flash units off camera, particularly multiple speed lights, on its own or put together with additional light sources. With wireless TTL you will be free to maneuver the a number of inches or even a few metres, also enabling you to change the light in any desired fashion, and without needing to recalculate exposures, utilize a flash meter, or connect everything together with cables.

Additionaly the flash supports exposure bracketing, exposure lock, exposure compensation and possesses enhanced prevention of overheating and automatic temperature sensing utilizing an automated temperature sensor which uses an ‘optimised heat sink', which will shield the product against overheating by allowing it to cool off more quickly in between shots.

The device facilitates high-speed continuous shooting as well as permits a rotation angle of 330º along with an inclination of 0º to 90º. The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash is supplied complete with a flash stand to work the flash as the slave device, a user manual, a diffuser a built in outdoor wall socket for connecting an external power supply and a protective case.

The Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash has received the "Great Value" medal from Nphoto magazine

Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash

 Has also been named best flash by Amateur Photographer

 Gloxy GX-F990 N TTL HSS Nikon Flash

Technical Details

Guide Number

54 (ISO100, 105mm)

Tilt angle

0 - 90 º


0 - 360º

Color temperature

5500 K

Recycling Time

Approx. 0.1-6.0 (External power supply 0.1 - 4.5s)

Number of shots

100-1500 (with AA batteries)


18 - 180mm (14mm with wide angle diffuser)

Flash duration (full power)

1/200s - 1/20000s

Flash power

1/1 - 1/128

Wireless shooting distance

20-30m indoor, 10-15m outdoor.



Exposure correction

-3EV - +3EV

AF-assist Beam


Flash modes

TTL, RPT, Manual, Slave (Cell1/Cell2)

Sync. Speed


Compatible hotshoe


Energy Control

Number of batteries supported


Type of battery


Type of power supply


Weight and Dimensions


340 g

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

200 x 75 x 57 mm



Product Videos

Gloxy GX-F990 Unboxing (02:29)
This is the unboxing of the new Gloxy GX-F990 HSS 1/8000 (Canon and Nikon versions available).
  • Gloxy GX-F990 ...
    This is the unboxing of the new Gloxy GX-F990 HSS 1/8000 (Cano...

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